CIFS ran an all-day session at the Week of Health and Innovation (WHINN) in Odense

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies ran an all-day session at the annual Week of Health and Innovation (WHINN) in Odense, Denmark. CIFS’ program attracted over 40 experts from health and data organisations. We presented strategic foresight and futures studies in the health sector, concepts that are used to reimagine the future of the health sector, such as the Humanome and decentralised clinical trials. Also, we had a panel discussion on the newly started Phase V project on decentralised clinical trials, where CIFS is a contributing partner

CIFS for MH2030 in Costa Rica – Progress Brief

We have co-authored a report “Challenges and Proposals for the National Health System” with the Academy of Central America and the Costa Rican Chamber of Health. Our contribution centers around the population level approach to prevention and health promotion. Need to better understand Latin American pathologies is defined, as most international references are based on European patients

CIFS for MH2030 in Colombia – Progress Brief

With our strategic partner in Colombia, Asi Vamos En Salud, we develop working groups to bridge public policies and innovation. We develop a Manifesto based on predictive and preventive health model to be proposed to the government. Also, we focus on ICT education

CIFS for MH2030 in Argentina – Progress Brief

We were approached by the country’s General Directorate of Health Information Systems. DGSISAN considers it necessary to explore the experiences of other institutions to provide healthcare professionals with new skills

CIFS for MH2030 in Uruguay – Progress Brief

We have initiated a plan for remote medical education with the Medical College of Uruguay, and received a request to support launch of a universal ID by the Deputy Minister of Public Health

CIFS for MH2030 in Ecuador – Progress Brief

We collaborate with the Ministry of Public Health and develop working groups with focus on digital health and biosciencies. We work with the National Health Council on digital transformation. We have developed a manifesto for the National Institute of Transplantation, with short, medium and long term goals

CIFS for MH2030 in Chile – Progress Brief

Waiting lists to doctors and for operations is a serious issue in Chile, we focus on it together with the National Centre of Health Information Systems. Our research resulted in a manifesto signed by 18 Chilean authorities in healthcare

CIFS for MH2030 in Mexico – Progress Brief

The collaboration agreement with the Health Secretariat of Mexico city has focused our activities on digitization of primary care, in telehealth, and in EHR rollout to the first point of contact

Phase V: to ensure data collection by patients

CIFS embarks on PhaseV, to deploy a digital platform for continuous decentralised health data collection. Heavyweights of Danish healthcare join a consortium to develop patient-to-doctors communication tools to evaluate effects of obesity, diabetic foot ulcers and chronic urticaria treatments, based on indicators related to life quality

Shaping The Next Generation of Doctors

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Nordic Health 2030

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Movement Health 2030

MH2030 strives to identify present and future challenges in national healthcare systems, as well as their strenghts and opportunities to provide adequate responses to the identified challenges