CIFS for MH2030 in Uruguay – Progress Brief

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In Uruguay, in the framework of MH2030, we have built objectives that allow prioritizing primary healthcare and the development of a work plan in digitisation, standardisation and accessibility of health data, both for citizens and for health professionals.

Therefore, we have initiated a plan of continuous remote medical education with the Medical College of Uruguay with a holistic and integral vision of prevention and health promotion.

There is a focus on on oncological patients; a disease with high incidence and mortality in Uruguay has (note the high human development index of Uruguay).

The meeting with José Luis Satdjian, Deputy Minister of Public Health of Uruguay, resulted in a request to support launch of a unique universal ID, similar to the one found in Denmark.

This will allow a wide use of an integrated national digital identity system, guaranteeing verifications of identity in a digital environment and expanding to the private sector to simplify guarantees and to provide better services to people.