Predictive Genomics: Harnessing Genetic Data

Predictive genomics allows using genetic data to help predict common disease risks and drug responses. However, dystopian visions of dividing between ‘good genes’ and ‘bad genes’ are expected to enter future public debates

Challenges of NFTs in Healthcare: What Will Future Healthcare NFTs Look Like

The infancy of non-fungible tokens reflects in security breaches and privacy concerns, in legal, blockchain related and environmental issues, in lack of awareness. Easy to operate and to understand, governed and regulated, NFTs shall be first adopted by EHR vendors and manufacturers of medical devices, then by the public

Future Focus Areas in European Digital Health

proactive policies, automated compliance, shift of health data ownership to patients, action-based healthcare services by European digital health platforms, pan-European framework for approval of digital therapeutics, NLP-enabled EU-interoperable electronic health records, awareness and motivation in telemedicine, massive adoption of FARE data principles, remedies to black box perception and rewards for digital health literacy, standard AI for clinical support systems

European Health Data Space Explained

data space is about mapping and matching, here the EU will open datasets, invest EUR2B in the infrastructure, adopt Code of Conduct, and pass heaælth sector specific laws. All explained in this brief read

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