CIFS for MH2030 in Ecuador – Progress Brief

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Ecuador is a small country in South America, where the possibilities of working with health and healthcare are enormous. In the area of policy shifts, we are cooperating with the Vice Minister at the Ministry of Public Health Governance and Surveillance. CIFS proposed to work within the four pillars of MH2030: primary health care, biosciences, health economics and digital health.

Having signed the collaboration agreement, CIFS began to develop working groups, with focus on digital health and biosciences. This decision was based on the interest that CONASA and INDOT expressed in these areas.

Conasa Digital Health

CIFS was invited by the Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador to participate in one of the working groups, focused on creation of the electronic health records (EHRs). The corresponding commission is called the National Health Council (CONASA). This body is responsible for representing members of the national healthcare system (public, private, autonomous, and community entities within the health sector). Here we have been asked to collaborate in the digital transformation behind EHRs.

The Vice President has requested participation by CIFS at the conference on ‘Universal Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence’ to be held on November 18th of this year.

The National Institute of Organ, Tissue and Cell Donation and Transplantation (INDOT)

Due to the interest of INDOT in biosciences, we developed a manifesto for INDOT, which has been formulated to align with the objectives that INDOT wishes to achieve in the short, medium, and long term. Finally, the manifesto was presented to the Vice President of the country to be used as a reference for international cooperation, to promote the digital agenda, and to expand the national biobank.