CIFS for MH2030 in Costa Rica – Progress Brief

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In Costa Rica, for MH2030 we have come up the document “Challenges and Proposals for the National Health System”, a collaborative effort by the Academy of Central America, the Costa Rican Chamber of Health and the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

CIFS provided evidence to each chapter, but also the holistic vision, aligned with our futuristic vision and mission, based upon the four focus areas MH2030. Here is the link to the published version.

Our contribution focuses on public policy to safeguard health, applying a population level approach to prevention and health promotion. This allows establishing an integrated, effective, equitable and sustainable healthcare system, as well as fostering the multidisciplinary participation of relevant stakeholders, both from the public and private sectors, in order to guarantee integration and continuity of care.

The need to better understand certain pathologies in  Latin American patients is also emphasized, since most international references are based on European patients. Healthcare benefits will be limited if not combined with a deep understanding of behavioural factors.