CIFS for MH2030 in Colombia – Progress Brief

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Hand in hand with our strategic partner Asi Vamos En Salud, an NGO that aims to contribute to the improvement of the health of Colombians, through monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of specialized information and advocacy on public policies, we have been developing working groups to bring together stakeholders from academia, research and healthcare providers committed to bridge public policies and innovation. Below are the conclusions of our comprehensive analysis:

Data governance

Identification of data gaps, gaps in data synthesis and in integration of data sources, access to other records, will promote evidence-based healthcare and enrich health data sources, following the Ten-Year Public Health Plan 2022-2030 adopted in Colombia. In this way, a Manifesto is being developed that provides proposals and solutions, based on predictive and preventive health model. The Manifesto will be proposed to the government.

ICT Education

It is necessary to focus on this area, due to the speed of progress in digital technologies and their inclusion in healthcare systems. This trend forces healthcare professionals to develop new capacities; from employing new software, to analysing data in a way that provides valuable insights to improve the functioning of the healthcare system and benefit people. Thus, the needs in ICT education have been mapped, a pilot with courses has been proposed, developed in a ready virtual platform. This will allow for continuous training of healthcare professionals in skills related to information technologies, essential to their performance.