Movement Health 2030

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Movement Health 2030 (MH2030) was born in 2020 with the aim of building sustainable and integrated healthcare ecosystems and solving major health challenges through collaborative, long-term partnerships. MH2030 is now active in countries spanning Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

The basis for MH2030

Challenges to health are shared by many countries, but the ways countries tackle them are different. MH2030 allows countries to share approaches to tackling health challenges and to choose the optimal approaches, fully or in part. MH2030 allows doctors, clinicians and other actors to raise heads from their daily routines and look into the future.

What is CIFS role in MH2030?

CIFS conducts research, workshops and interviews to understand the state of health and the health sector in all of the countries that take part in MH2030. CIFS convenes key health actors in country-level workshops to identify the fundamental challenges, opportunities and aspirations for countries. Subsequently, through regional roundtables, these insights and experiences are shared. In discussing and identifying approaches to tackle the most pressing health challenges, Movement Health ensures inclusive partnership models by bringing in patient organizations, private and public healthcare providers, and healthcare researchers. Thus the workshops include experts from various fields across the health sector, ensuring a holistic, inclusive approach.

The insights from our extensive research are then used to identify innovation challenges and bottlenecks, and ultimately highlight opportunities for pilots that can overcome the biggest health challenges countries face through cross-border collaboration.

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