Training Tomorrow’s Scientists

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Scientists of Tomorrow is a tailored programme designed and delivered by CIFS for the Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA). The course provides post-doctoral researchers, the participants, with a toolbox for futures thinking and leadership, introducing them to the megatrends and health trends that will shape the future and affect their health and medical research. The course builds their understanding of the possible futures of health and equip them to be able to contemplate the futures of health and their role in this.

Eight workshops and Delphi surveys

Over the course of four physical workshops, four online workshops and a series of real-time Delphi surveys participants are invited to take a broader perspective on the society they work in. The four workshops cover a broad range of topics that will facilitate a shift towards holistic mindset:

  • Workshop 1: A paradigm shift in the approach to health and treatment
  • Workshop 2: The holistic approach to health and research
  • Workshop 3: Data, data sharing, interoperability and standards
  • Workshop 4: Technology, artificial intelligence and readiness

Learn cross-discipline anticipation

At CIFS, we believe that futures literacy is an essential skill for the 21st century. In the face of an uncertain future, becoming futures literate means having the ability to imagine the future in different ways, for different reasons. The discipline of anticipation is the capacity to become aware of one’s assumptions about the future and to shape and invent new anticipatory assumptions by imagining various futures.

Researchers are experts in their fields, however through the scientists of tomorrow we hope to broaden their perspective by looking beyond their field of expertise towards a holistic view of health and research and the trends that will affect how these areas change in the future, so that the participants are prepared for the potential futures.

Our partners

The Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) is on a mission to educate and train the next generation of researchers in the field of diabetes, with the vision of enhancing Danish diabetes research education.