France opens consultations on its digital health doctrine

The Digital Health Agency of France has announced (link in French) the coming update to the country’s digital health doctrine. The update is done annually, now it will be the 4th time.

The doctrine describes the technical framework and the architectural framework for digital health services, standards and best practices of health data exchange and sharing. Also, the doctrine defines targets and describes ways to reach them.

This new version, the Digital Health Agency promises, will be more practical and more readable. It is expected to be divided into two chapters: digital health platforms, and provision of basic digital health services. Each chapter will present relevant projects, but also describe tools to facilitate support in the implementation and deployment of digital health projects and programmes.   

In this year’s version, the focus is on the three fundamental rules for digital health services: ethics, security and interoperability. New features are there as well: ViaTrajectoire and le Service d’accès aux soins (SAS).

The open consultation takes place online until November 30, 2022

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