Jan Larsson: We can bring the Nordic model to a global level

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On Christmas Eve, CIFS.HEALTH Editor talked to Jan Larsson, Cambio Healthcare Systems Senior Advisor on developments in the Nordic healthcare integration, how the latter can help progress in the Nordic Healthcare IT, what can be learnt from the first phase of Nordic Health 2030, what what we should do better in the second phase.

You have been actively involved in healthcare IT since early 00s. How would you describe your own development in the context of developments in Nordic health tech?

I am today serving as senior advisor to the Cambio company (Board &CEO) for m&a and business development. I led the work with Cambio’s growth plan under CEO for 8 years as SVP yes. We grew top line from 17 million Euro revenue to +100 million Euro revenue. I have served as CEO myself in three other Healthtech companies. Systeam Healthcare AB, Mawell Group Oy, and WM-data Healthcare Nordic AB.

I now have my own management consultant company ITM Centina Consult AB. Besides Cambio I serve as a board member to a public registered company by the name Kontigo Care AB. I am a partner in a company, by the name Premicare AB not a public company, with hybrid care solutions for primary care. I have served two terms for Himss international Interoperability committee as chair and vice chair (US, Canada, Europe)- focus on IPS and Health passes (covid 19) . Also served 2 terms for the swedish Medtech industry board.

My short summary from these +20 years of management assignments is the need for leadership engagement on all levels and to enable to implement and to be able to scale. Innovation is here for sure but in the Nordic Region, we don’t have the leadership and the stamina to really follow through. The not invented here syndrome got to be eliminated. I have one very clear example the incorporation of NORDEC, talk to Anders Tunhold-Hanssen.

How can closer Nordic cooperation help progress in the Nordic healthcare IT? What will be the next focus areas, in your opinion?

Always deploy use cases to show the way forward and to engage leadership in an early phase to be able to scale. Innovation funding has to be modernized and given the capability to both accelerate and to close. In many cases we are stuck in public procurement processes that take all energy off the objectives for implementation of innovations. Sitra in Finland is the clear exception. Sitras model of funding and supporting innovation within Healthtech and Life Sciences ought to be the role Model for the Nordic Region including the Baltics.

You took part in Nordic Health 2030 process. In your view, what was the most important outcome of Nordic Health 2030?

The 5/5 credo and the momentum and the model that was created. Bogi’s spirit , attitude and drive are extremely important for the process and the result – its really a power map we achieved  . Lets bring this powermap into delivery and recognition . I am ready to support . We have a global market to reach.

We are now embarking on the second stage of Nordic Health 2030. What is the most important outcome we should aim at? Why is it important for you?

First of all, all the knowledge we built in the first edition was true quadruple Helix and now has to be utilized and realized. We need to implement the 5/5 model to enable faster development of healthcare and technology and thereby better outcomes for patients and citizens.

That will bring the Nordic model to a global level. Why not talk to Elon Musk about that 😉. Guess together with Sanna Marin and Mette Frederiksen.