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Bogi Eliasen, CIFS Health Director

Health is the most important driver for a fair and equal society. It is also the driver for progress and prosperity that enables the full potential of individuals, communities, regions and nations.

Health needs to move from only being relevant when disease is knocking on the door, to being an investment we make from cradle to grave with a focus on quality of life and wellbeing during the lifespan for the prosperities of persons, families, communities and countries

It is a move away from as sick system to a health approach where prevention, early detection, and intervention are prioritized with a focus is on decreasing the disease burden by the keeping people as healthy as possible while at the same time using more focus and resources on those who need it the most.

A significant part of most countries’ disease burden is behaviorally caused resulting in a substantial avoidable disease burden leading to loss of quality of life, premature deaths and productivity loss for societies, which deprives us of both quality of life, happiness and societies potential prosperity.

We are today in a global health crisis with Covid. It has shown us fantastic science with vaccines and possibilities with digital technologies. But a true global cooperation remains to be seen….and  the global cooperation is of paramount importance to improve health in the future.

This is why we launch cifs.health. It is much more than a story about us and our work. We intend to turn cifs.health into a full-scale mass media on future healthcare. We will provide and elaborate upon concepts of future healthcare, we will supply background materials and context to them, we will get opinions on future healthcare components in interviews with the world’s leading experts and we will provide details on our core projects, the main one being Movement Health 2030.  

In Movement Health 2030, we will show possibilities that exist today, to enable the dreams and aspiration of tomorrow. Currently, we work in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Russia, and Turkey

In Movement Health 2030, we unite experts into networks, to identify the most pressing challenges to national healthcare systems that exist today, and those challenges that are likely to arise tomorrow, with combining practical solutions and new policy frames to enable the needed systemic shift . We look into strong sides of the national healthcare systems, to identify opportunities to address those challenges now or before they arise. We aim at  making healthcare systems sustainable, to increase their resilience to unexpected stresses, such as the one we all go through now. And most importantly, we works toward cross border solutions.

We need to lift focus towards building sustainable health models. It is about building sustainable health in a digital world. Optimizing outcome with much better use of resources with prevention, early detection & intervention, and when care is needed to have in a seamless continuum across disciplines and over time for any person and for all.