Bogi Eliasen: Building Health After War

To re-build or to re-imagine the Ukrainian healthcare system after the war? How Europe can help countries in post war situations to restore health as the main societal pillar?

Tamira Snell: We Live Fluid Lives, With Fluid Behaviours 

In this second part of the interview, CIFS Health team senior advisor on health behaviour discusses in depth interactions between digital health and health behaviour, and how our health behaviour is likely to change in the near-, mid- and long-term future

Dr Zoltan Lantos: Emotional Health & Care vs Algorithms to Rule Our Behaviour

Spread of personal health navigation systems, general doctors to target emotional support, health coaching, multisensory human computer-interaction, care delivered to portable devices, algorithms, and robotics will allow systemic changes in future healthcare, if we choose this way. We are at the crossroads now