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Daria Krivonos, CIFS CEO

When thinking about any future of mankind, it is natural to think of health in one way or another. We think of our own health, the health of those we care about, and since 2019 with the onset of the pandemic, the health of complete strangers has become an unavoidable topic and concern for all of us.

It is therefore not only interesting but also very relevant to engage in the future of health on a much broader scale. At CIFS we have been doing just that.

Through lenses such as new biology, behaviour, digitization and remotisation, we have explored the landscape of health and are now happy to share our work through our dedicated new CIFS.health channel, where we will develop and exhibit new concepts, present relevant background and own research, as well as offer interviews with the world’s leading healthcare experts.

Welcome to CIFS.health and a peak into our engine room when we take stab at the many different scenarios and wicked problems surrounding the future of health.