What can AI in healthcare do?

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Based on research by Leo Petersen-Khmelnitski, LinkedIn

AI is widely seen as an exciting prospect for healthcare, but what are the benefits of adopting AI, and who reaps them? A recent PwC report categorised the various benefits into five categories that span the continuum of healthcare: keeping well, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and end-of-life care.

Who Benefits

Across these areas, there are benefits to patients, the public, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers. If applied correctly, AI can bring greater organisation, interoperability, transparency and efficiency. Healthcare providers can integrate AI into, and thus ease, their governance and structure. Enabling an AI-smart workplace culture and workforce will create opportunities to leverage the technology to improve service quality, patient outcomes and overall efficiency. Indeed, countless health systems worldwide report issues around the health workforce: staff shortages, exoduses of skilled health care professionals, burnout, to name a few. AI has the potential to lighten the burden on the health workforce by digitalising inefficient processes and AI can provide clinicians with powerful tools to aid clinical decision-making.