French digital health accelerates with no view to financial implications, expert states

Dr Clemence Zacharie, Director at L’institut des études commercial in Paris, has published a very interesting column (link in French) at Fiances Hospitalieres. She writes:

“It is the mystery of health data that irrigates health news. A recent attack at the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital center (CH Sud Francilien) accompanied by a ransom demand serves as evidence of this. The hackers, promising restitution for a substantial amount of money, eventually exfiltrated a significant amount of personal patient data, including health data.

The strategic challenge of health data goes beyond the greed. GIP Health Data Hub, created at the initiative of the public authorities, pools the creation of a database intended for health monitoring and research, an innovative tool for health monitoring. As with any innovation, hospital health data warehouses (EDS) are one of the most concrete manifestations of the digital health acceleration strategy launched in 2021.

To create a data ecosystem that brings public and private care providers together, these warehouses store health data. Institutions must consider the financial implications of this innovation”.

Full text here